Krewes for Karnival helps outfit Tactical Medics

Krewes for Karnival helps outfit Tactical Medics

NEW ORLEANS, LA: The New Orleans Emergency Medical Services Foundation (The Foundation) donated eleven tactical ballistic vests and helmets to the New Orleans Emergency Medical Services (NOEMS) after receiving a donation from Krewes for Karnival.

The value of the donation was just over $19,000.

This donation has provided each tactical medic with their own ballistic vest and helmet.

The Foundation is grateful to Krewes for Karnival for recognizing the increasing dangers faced by prehospital responders.

The NOEMS’ Tactical Medic Team consists of eleven highly skilled and trained members. Each tactical medic goes through a rigorous tactical medical training and most have attended the NOPD SWAT School. The NOEMS Tactical Medic Team provides direct tactical medical support to NOPD SWAT and have supported the US Marshal’s Fugitive Taskforce, Louisiana State Police SWAT, the DEA, FBI, and ATF on various operations.

There is a Tactical Medic assigned to NOPD SWAT on every SWAT roll and high risk warrant. They are called out between 85 to 90 call outs a year. In addition to direct medical coverage, the team trains members of the Law Enforcement Community in life saving techniques for those times when a medic is not available. Since February 2016, NOEMS has trained 424 officers/deputies/agents in Law Enforcement Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. Their goal is to ensure everyone makes it home safely at the end of their shift.


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