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NOEMS Medics attend Tactical Medical Operator Course

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Earlier this May, medics with NOEMS had the opportunity to train for certification in a Tactical Medical Operator Course. According to Adam Brickeen with Homeland Security, "This is the 40 hour Tactical Medical Operator Course (TMOC) that we require all of NOEMS TEMS Medics to complete bi-annually. This is the third bi-annual course we have put on, and it has proven to be a very beneficial addition to the scope New Orleans EMS provides.  This 40 hour course is designed to provide the Medic with the skills necessary to support and enhance the capabilities of a tactical law enforcement team in an effort to help resolve any crisis that threatens their community. Students will participate in several practical application and scenario based exercises utilizing protocols and standards developed by TCCC to include the principles of care under fire, tactical field care and cold zone management in law enforcement and austere operations. As violence and terrorism continues to increase, the ability to have medics trained, qualified, and skilled with this specialized talent has become a standard among tactical law enforcement teams."

Additionally, these courses help to prepare medics for the unfortunate and every changing dynamic response to active shooter scenarios- and be trained to protect themselves and patients in these dangerous encounters.


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